Recently watched {featuring} Tiger King, iZombie & New Girl

Hi all you lovely people & welcome back to another recently watched post where I talk about all the shows I recently devoured. Since I haven’t updated you in a while a have a lot of TV shows to talk about, so get comfortable and let’s get chatting  

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness {Season 1} — Obviously I watched the trash fire that is Tiger King. This was so bad, but in the way where you cannot possibly stop watching. If you are unaware the story basically follows Joe Excotic {the Tiger King} up until he is arrested on murder for hire charges, but the series is also heavily focused on uncovering the secret world of big cat breeding and all the eccentric characters involved. If you look past the weirdness of it all, it was interesting to understand the underworld of big cat breeding and how every single person is connected to one another in some or other way. Also, I just found it really entertaining and I would recommend it if you have a few hours to burn.

For fans of drama and a whole lot of weird

iZombie {Season 1 – 4} — This show has actually been on my radar since it first came out a couple of years ago when zombies were all the hype! It follows Liv, our main character and resident zombie, as she helps solves crimes by eating the victims brains. Cool, right? Besides the coolness factor of it all, the set of characters are all really great and they undergo SO much character growth throughout the four seasons that I watched. Also Liv is amazing and the way she takes on the personality of the person who’s brain she ate was really entertaining and so well done. Definitely a series I’d recommend if you’re tired of the same old zombie apocalypse shows.

For fans of crime shows and zombies

New Girl {Season 6 & 7} — I did it! I finally finished New Girl and boy did I cry. Season 6 was literal perfection and the last few episodes had me crying SO many happy tears {everything worked out perfectly and everyone was happy}. I absolutely loved the ending and I would’ve been so content if they decided to end it right then and there. But the amazing producers decided to bless us with another season that consisted of eight episodes all set three years after the events of season six. I loved and appreciated that they gave us this future glimpse into the lives of my favourite characters and I am so happy to know that everyone will be forever content.

For fans of funny yet relatable characters

Silicon Valley {Season 1 – 6} — This was actually the fiancé’s pick, but I ended up also enjoying it. It follows a group of guys in Silicon Valley, a city that is notoriously know for its technological innovation {think Bill Gates}, as they find a start-up tech company. The characters are funny and the story is quite interesting and an added bonus is the fact that all the seasons are really short which means you’ll finish it in no time. I sometimes struggled with some of the more technical terminology used, but it wasn’t to the extreme that I couldn’t keep up with the story. Definitely a must watch if you want to better understand what the real Silicon Valley is about.

For fans of the IT Crowd

Too Hot To Handle {Season 1} — Yes, I am very basic when it comes to reality shows and I will basically watch any sensational show, focused on finding love, that Netflix produces. This show can easily be described as Love Island with more feelings. A group of “attractive” guys and girls from around the world, that are addicted to one night stands, are all forced to live their best life on an exotic island. Sounds amazing, right? But there’s a catch, they are not allowed to have any physical contact or engage in any sexual activities. This is one of those shows you watch when you just guiltily want to binge watch something light and fun, one where you don’t necessarily have to concentrate all that hard. If that’s your cup of tea, I would highly recommend giving it a try.

For fans who enjoyed Love Island and Love Is Blind

These are all the series I finished in the last couple of weeks {including the latest season of Grey’s Anatomy, but there’s nothing exciting to write about}. I am currently in the middle of a couple of other shows including Breaking Bad {I’m just starting season three, but to be honest I’m a tad bored} and Elementary. Please let me know if you’ve seen any of the shows on my list and what you thought of them. Also, do let me know what I should possibly watch next!

– Love, Michelle xx




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